Namrata Shrestha on Wave Magazine Cover

Namrata Shrestha on wave Magazine Wave Magazine is one of the popular magazines of Nepal. It is widely enjoyed by the teenagers as it frequently addresses the youth issues. It features Models, and includes everything from society to technology. What else? Oh no if it is about wave find out in Wavmag Page. I want to talk about Namrata Shrestha here. Yeah, Namrata Shrestha, the uprising girl in the Nepali Movie Industry is featured on this issue of Wave Magazine. Wow! Her single popular flick gave her a good position in the industry and her second flick, yet to release has a great hype. So why shouldn’t Namrata be on cover pages. After all its fame and power that drives you to success.
So here’s what wave Magazine has to keep Namrata Shrestha in on the cover magazine for;

Blessed with perfect features and flawless skin, 22-year-old Namrata Shrestha lives up to her name in every way. A thorough professional who didn’t hesitate to pose for us despite suffering from fever, she represents the modern women of Nepal, confident enough to reach for the stars with vigour and passion with her feet firmly on the ground. Currently busy wrapping up her second feature film Mero Euta Saathi Cha, she plans to assist Alok Nembang in his next movie to learn the nitty-gritty of the movie-making process.

Let’s not forget the credits;

Photo & Concept: Anup Prakash
Hair & Make Up: Chahana Beauty Parlour, Bagbazaar
Coordinator: Shitu Rajbhandari
Cover Design: Bilash Rai
That was all from Wave Mag although they were not generous enough to provide readers with a bigger cover image. (May be their poor site cannot withstand the bandwidth of HD images!)

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