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Namrata is one of the few Super Models of Nepal. She has been involved with the Cybersansar, a modeling Agency from Nepal. For her complete biography, you can visit About page of Namrata Shrestha.

Namrata Shrestha, Nepali ModelMany people know Namrata Shrestha from her appearance in Nepali music videos and mostly from her first movie “Sano Sansar”, (a digital Nepali movie from Alok Nembang) in which she has the lead role of actor. Many appreciated Namrata Shrestha as an Actor of the Movie and it didn’t take time for Namrata Shrestha to be one of the leading Actor of Nepali Movie Industry. Namrata is a Nepali model, RJ, presenter, and actress. Lately, she has also been involved in the theater and she loves being a theater artist and may be because she wants to improve her acting skills.


Her movie “Mero Euta Saathi Cha” was another successful movie. Visit the Blog of movie Mero Euta Saathi Cha for full information.

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