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  1. namrata gi
    malai le kheleko sabai music video ra flim man parchha. tapai herda nepali hiroin haru ma sabai bhanda ramro lagchha

  2. Hey I suggest you go for Dancing Lessons... That doesn't mean your dance is not good but you can better it... - D (WW)

  3. One could not expect such a downfall while the career is such in a smooth way, but that has what happened. Its time to see if you are brave enough to be a great nepali actress/model defending yourself from many things that you will face in many days to come. It does happen in many successful persons, so rather being discouraged, I think it is time for you to face this challange bravely. Time will change everything. Though it seems virtually your career is over but it is still too early given your age, you have ample time to bounce back.

    I should at least wish to god for a woman who beside this scandal is really a charm of nepali cinema to give courage and strength to face this situation bravely.

    Its time to prove that you are not only beautiful but bold too. You are still the same charm for me..

    Good luck, namrata, hope to see you bounce back.

  4. hi Namrata
    M feeling really sad about the video thing...but u don worry this happens to everyone who is superior that others in terms of beauty, fame, talent and you definitely have got the maximum. So just forget it people are trying to put obstacles in your flourishing career and they are just jelous of you..........your career is yet not over this is the beginnig and it will make you even more stronger and m sure you ll fight with panache even with this issue.........All the have a tough task to do n u will surely finish it BEAUTIFULLY..........

  5. - The video was fake. (I am still analysing the video, can conclude it as fake.)

    - You confessed(said it was you), coz if you denied people would say it was you and you on the video.

    - Maybe this was a video to generate public awareness in the Nepalese society.

    - India is making this socio-political issue.

    - Namrata Shrestha values here virginity, thats in her biography.

    - She needs to be helped out professionally.

  6. hi, namrata je k cha hal khabar? dashain ko subakamana. ani k news ko kura ra thy video sacho hi ta khai mali ta biwash ta lagena tara video herey pachi biswas garna badey vaya. yes kura ma tapai ko vanai k cha? ma tapai ko fan hu yo kura ley malai dherai dheka lageyo.
    huna ta yo tapai ko personal matter ho vaya pani kata kata naramailo fell huncha. its ok j hunu vai halo. Dashain ramro sanga manunu feri pani happy bijaya dashami.

  7. thutuno ta thyakkai lado chusne jasto 6 ni. Ki Office ma pani dhoka lagayera chikinthyo???? yo chikamari movie vanda agadi ta interview dida VIRGIN 6u vaninthyo ni!!!!! Virgin Pu..... teti kalo ra chhala tankiyeko ani niiiiiiiilo ta nahunu parne hoina ra???? timro puti ko aru photo pani pathauna mil6 ki??? Mero lado pani khana man 6 vane ma 63 janalai chikisakeko experienced guy ho. Aba Nak ko puwal ma 6irauna matra baki 6. Ki timro nak ma bichar garne ho>>>> Pura saving garera safa chat banayeko 6u tyo muji tantrik ko jasto jungle 6aina. Majale ghati samma pugne gari chusda hun6

  8. Really your acting is very marvalous This is the challenging for newcommer and for the Nepali film maker this is hope for growing Nepali industries oterwise Nepali Film going very down You are the First beginer of the New generation Film industry. Your acting is really
    good and team of film is doing all well Say heartly among all the Nepali film Mero Yeuyata Sathi cha very good movie All the best But I have no good friend I am always looking good friend

  9. Hi this is me malie lagcha tyo xvideo timro hoina ra hunu pani sakdina hoina ra? yo completly fake hunuparcha j hos ma auta timro unknow fen ho. Dont worry about it. and you should proof it that you are not in that xviedo ok best of luck. Thanks

  10. your mum dad and brother with how to sho your face what think peoples of nepal so very deficel

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