Namrata Shrestha Prefers brain without beauty

Namrata Shrestha responding to one of the Questions from the Cybersansar team said that she would rather prefer brains without beauty. Here’s The full question and response of Namrata Shrestha.
Namrata Shrestha Image Prefers Beauty

Q. What do you prefer: to be beautiful and really dumb (read beauty without brains) or be intelligent but have no trace of beauty? Please justify your answer with your reason.

A: Ahem….say what? Can you please repeat the question..(after a few moments) Yah I would prefer the second choice, I would rather be brains without beauty.( Are you sure?) Uh-huh pretty much sure…because…well….please don’t write it I am only saying this to you. Actually, you know, I am already beautiful (laughs). I know I am beautiful and I think I have had enough experiences as a beautiful woman. But I think I am not really that smart and intelligent hence I choose the second option because I wanna live the rest of my life being an intellectual. (And do you not think it would hamper your now heating up career if you choose to be ugly?) Yes, it would. It definitely would. But I can be a director or a producer, can’t I? In fact, after a few years when I get old my beauty will be of no use, but if I have a good smart brain I can channel my intelligence towards creative projects. I have intentions, in fact I plan to spend the rest of my career in media so I can’t always be infront of the camera because who likes to watch oldies on TV anyways. I would rather happily work behind the scenes, my age wouldn’t be an issue then, and my smart brain will only be getting smarter by the year (Chuckles).

(Well well an extremely smart answer indeed…we are guessing you already have what you’re wishing for…brains that is. And the extent of your beauty is not unheard of. So way to go Namrata. You are beauty with brains personified…truly)

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