Namrata Shrestha Scandal Gossip on BBC

Namrata Shrestha’s Scandal not only tried to harm the fame of the artist but also aroused serious questions on ethics of journalism in Nepal. The main stream media Newspaper “Naya Patrika”; responsible for breaking out the news by publishing the scandal gossip along with some images was criticized for crossing the line of ethics of journalism. Namrata Shrestha Scandal on BBC Nepali Service of BBC, after two weeks of the scandal included the serious gossip in their episode of “Nepal Samdarva”  in which Rabindra Mishra questioned on the ethics of Nepali journalist to bring out the news to general public. The program included discussion with editor of Nayapatrika Dainik, Krishna Jwala Devkota, and Journalism Professor, P. Kharel.

Listen to the episode of the Nepali BBC.

Well the discussion was hot. Journalism professor and Rabindra mishra argued that the video was entirely personal and it shouldn’t have been covered as news, whereas Krishna defended on being it public news. He justified that the Video became public issue after it became the talk of the town.
Listen to the Nepali BBC interview of Namrata Shrestha gossip that features the editor of Newspaper who break the news in main stream media and Journalism Professor.
Ok you speak. Let us know in the comments below what is right and what is wrong? Tell us if it was public issue or personal.

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